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Submission Date:  Apr 22, 2024

Name:  Denise Brandjes

Email:  curlyd1998@aol.com


If you want someone who will have “feet on the ground “ handling all the tedious Permitting phone calls and paperwork  dealing with the county and local city authorities to accomplish her and your goals then Laura is your girl!

Submission Date

Submission Date: Apr 19, 2024

Name:  Michele Landers

Email:  michelelanders@bellsouth.net


Working with Laura Barber is one of the best decisions I've made for my business to help it grow. As a virtual assistant, she will always go above and beyond what I ask her to do. She will offer helpful suggestions that never occurred to me, which shows her sincerity and dedication to offer exceptional service.

Submission Date:  Apr 18, 2024

Name: Debbie Hawks

Email: debbiehawks@keyes.com


I'd definitely recommend Laura Barber! She's super hardworking, friendly, and trustworthy. She's always eager to learn and jumps right in when there's something new to tackle. Working with her is a breeze, and she always goes the extra mile to get things done right. She's awesome to have on any project!

Date:  Apr 18, 2024

Submission Date:  Feb 25, 2024 8:45 PM

Name:  Patricia Gable

Email:  gablep202@gmail.com


I've known Laura for a long time. What I know about Laura is that she is honest, hard working and detail oriented. Laura is knowledgeable with how to grow a business and what it takes to help you manage your business.

Submission Date:  Feb 2, 2024 10:55 AM

Name:  Travers Hartnett

Email  thartnett@traversins.com


Very professional research with exceptional service

Submission Date:  Jan 30, 2024 3:36 PM

Name:  Alice Hodach

Email:  alicehodach@gmail.com


Laura is top notch and very professional.  She was retained by one of my real estate sellers to settle a very complex open permit issue.   She had the expertise and patience to successfully navigate through the red tape of the building department and coordinate with contractors and new homeowners of the property.  Her communication skills were excellent.   Would highly recommend her.