May 1, 2024

Picture this: the year is 2024, and virtual assistants are the new rockstars of the digital age. They're the Beyoncé of business, the Elon Musk of efficiency, and the Gordon Ramsay of getting things done (minus the expletives).

In a world where time is money and multitasking is a survival skill, virtual assistants are the unsung heroes keeping everything ticking like a Swiss watch. Need to schedule a meeting while juggling three other tasks? Virtual assistant to the rescue, effortlessly coordinating calendars like a boss while you sip your coffee and pretend you're doing all the hard work.

But it's not just about scheduling and reminders. Oh no, these virtual virtuosos can handle everything from customer inquiries to data analysis faster than you can say "Siri, set a timer for ten minutes." They're the ultimate multitaskers, the masters of efficiency, and the guardians of your sanity in a world where inbox zero is as elusive as a unicorn.

And let's not forget their impeccable manners. Unlike your grumpy office colleague who always forgets to say please and thank you, virtual assistants are the epitome of politeness, responding to your every request with a cheerful "Of course, I'd be delighted to help!"

So, why are virtual assistants in such high demand? Well, besides their supernatural ability to make your life easier, they're also cost-effective, available during your work hours, and never . Plus, they come with a built-in sense of humor – because let's face it, sometimes you just need a good laugh to get through the day.

In conclusion, if you haven't jumped on the virtual assistant bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for? Embrace the future, boost your productivity, and let a virtual assistant be your digital sidekick in the epic quest known as life. Trust me, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

What Do Virtual Assistants Do?

April 23, 2024

Virtual Assistants, or Virtual Administrative Assistants, are responsible for providing remote assistance to business management professionals. A Virtual Assistant, who is an Independent Contractor, offers  duties such as conducting research and organizing data, interacting with customers on their client's behalf and performing additional clerical duties like updating calendars or sorting documents via online.  They also can customize based on the needs of the business professional.  Some will do light bookkeeping but should not be confused with an actual bookkeeper or accountant.  Mainly they work on data entry input for the bookkeeping and may send out invoices.

What Do Permitting Professionals Do?

March 23, 2024

A Permitting Specialist plays a crucial role in navigating the complex landscape of regulatory requirements and approvals necessary for various projects. Whether in construction, environmental compliance, or land development, these specialists possess a deep understanding of local, state, and federal regulations. Their responsibilities often include conducting thorough reviews of project plans to ensure compliance, preparing and submitting permit applications, and interfacing with regulatory agencies to facilitate the approval process. Permitting Specialists serve as liaisons between project teams and regulatory authorities, providing expertise on legal and procedural requirements. In addition, they stay abreast of evolving regulations to advise stakeholders on potential impacts and propose strategies for mitigating compliance risks. The success of a project often hinges on the Permitting Specialist's ability to navigate the regulatory landscape efficiently, ensuring that all necessary approvals are obtained in a timely manner.


June 15, 2023

Emails can be that pesky little thing that will suddenly become a huge monster.  None of us love having to deal with emails unless we're waiting on an important one or receiving a reply to one that has been top of mind.  Everything else from the ads, marketing and miscellaneous non important emails are what will suddenly become overwhelming to deal with.

Small tip: take 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon and delete any email not necessary.  One can also set up the inbox to send junk mail to trash, important emails to a specific inbox folder etc. to keep a better handle on the many emails one receives daily.