About me


Looking Forward To Helping You Out With Your Business.

Work Goes With Me Everywhere!

With over thirty years of experience in Office Management and Executive Assistance in the United States and Brazil, I have excelled at customer service, organization, multi-tasking, focusing on the minute details and everyday organizational needs and expectations to run various businesses successfully.  Permitting has also become one of my favorite tasks to work on and am able to help the Trades Industry or Owner/Builder provide all the items needed to successfully obtain a permit for new construction, renovations, additions.  I'm able to help Realtors and Real Estate Attorneys with closing out open permits on homes going into closing.  Am knowledgable with many governmental entities and what's required to fulfill a needed Permit Application Submittal.

I have worked for Fortune 500 companies seeing them thrive each year with additional employees. Having worked with Engineers, Architects as well as having run my own business for sixteen years in the gifting industry, I know the importance of having time to focus on one's business, and how the paperwork and mundane tasks can become overwhelming.

I've always been organized (yes, I'm the one who color codes, tabs her notebook, and constantly keeps things tidy so I can function well but also find things easily).  Am never afraid of searching out the answer.  I am ruthless in finding out what I need or whom to contact for the information and always accomplish my tasks.

Love using my creative side with newsletters, emails, social media and online website content and know how important it is to have these items keep you in front of your clients and potential customers.  Feeling overwhelmed?  Let's see if I can take some of those tasks off your hands so you can focus on what you do best for your business.  I offer a free 1 hour consult to understand what your needs are with your current schedule.

Programs Proficient In:

Permitting: All Governmental Platforms/Portals for Digital Permit Submittals.

With all my capabilities I am confident I can help you out with your administrative or permitting needs.