I Am Key To Your Success

A Stress Free Experience


Minimum 4 hours a month 


Weekly Schedules 

Weekly or Monthly Projects


Customized Services 

Based  on Client Needs

Are you drowning in administrative tasks, struggling to keep up with emails, appointments, and paperwork? It's time to lighten your workload and reclaim your valuable time with the help of a Virtual Assistant!

Laura's Services, LLC offers you the freedom to focus on what matters most – growing your business and achieving your goals. Imagine having a dedicated assistant who handles your scheduling, manages your inbox, coordinates meetings, and tackles those time-consuming tasks that are bogging you down.

With my administrative skill and reliable Virtual Assistance, you'll experience increased productivity, improved efficiency, and reduced stress. Whether you need ongoing support or help with specific projects, I've got you covered. Plus, with virtual assistance, you only pay for the hours you need, saving you money compared to hiring a full or part-time employee.

Don't let administrative tasks hold you back any longer. Delegate with confidence and let Laura's Services LLC help you take your business to new heights. Get started today and experience the freedom of having a trusted assistant by your side, virtually!

Weekly Administrative Assistance


Youtube Channel Maintenance

Scheduling Webinars

Landing Pages



Owner/Builder Assistance


Trades Assistance

Are you tired of navigating the maze of permits and regulations just to get your My Permitting Specialist services is your key to a smoother, faster, and hassle-free permitting process!

With my expertise, I take the stress out of securing the necessary permits for your project, whether it's construction, renovation, or expansion. As I know the ins and outs of local regulations, zoning laws, and permit application processes I'll handle all the paperwork, liaise with local authorities, and ensure that your project stays on track and compliant every step of the way.

Say goodbye to costly delays and headaches caused by permit issues. Trust my streamlining process, saving you time, money, and stress. Let me be your partner in success – contact today and let's get your project moving forward smoothly!

Monthly Social Media

2-10 hours a month

Is your business struggling to make an impact on social media due to your lack of time or desire to post? If you're finding it challenging to create engaging content, and stay on top of the latest trends It's time to level up your social media game with my virtual assistance!

By taking this task off your plate I can help elevate your online presence, boost engagement, and drive results with content you send my way. By crafting compelling posts to strategic scheduling and community engagement, your business will get the exposure you seek while you're focusing on what you do best.

Stop struggling to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media. Allow Laura's Services to take the reins and turn your social media channels into powerful tools for growth and success. Get started today and watch your online presence soar!

Why Hire Laura's Services LLC?

* You want to be more productive

* You want to spend time growing your business

* You are overwhelmed with administrative work

* You hate repetitive tasks

* You realize Laura is on your team

At Laura's Services LLC, my goal is to make you shine like a star, stay organized and complete tasks for less stress and worry in your life.  In the way that every company is unique, Laura's Services LLC will collaborate with you to create a customized work program with your business or compile all needed documents and drawings through permit submittal on your new build, remodel or addition to your home. 

By assisting you with your Administrative and/or Permitting needs, I help with a worry free venture.  I am versatile to meet your company's requirements and help you stay focused on what you do best for your business to grow.  Laura's Services LLC has answers to your demands.

Contact me to see if I can be the resource you've been needing to get your company or permitting submittal caught up and flowing smoothly.  Looking forward to helping you stay organized and sane.